R&D and Engineering

At Alpin Kimya, we believe in our commitment to innovation and newness. Our R&D and engineering team is constantly working to develop new products, services, and technologies to meet the needs of our customers and advance the industry.

Our R&D and engineering team is composed of expert engineers and experienced personnel. Our team brings together experience and expertise from various disciplines, enabling us to develop innovative and competitive solutions.

Our R&D and engineering team has been working in the following areas for over 45 years:

  • Product development: Design, development, and testing of new products and services.
  • Process development: Improvement of existing processes and development of new processes.
  • Technology development: Research, development, and implementation of new technologies.

Our R&D and engineering team has successfully completed and implemented many projects of critical importance in the following areas.


  • Travel Buses
  • Municipal Buses
  • Electric Buses
  • Midibüs
  • Truck / Pickup
  • Car accessory parts

Railway Systems

  • Hybrid Maneuvering Locomotive
  • National Locomotive
  • High Speed ​​Train Sets
  • Tram & LRV

Defence Industry

Submarine Modernization Project

Architecture and Landscape

Composite products are becoming increasingly popular in architectural and landscape design. The durability, cost, and aesthetic properties of these products make them an attractive option compared to traditional materials.